• UI/UX design
  • Graphic design
  • Prototyping
  • Branding


  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Marketing
  • Teamwork


  • Perry Ting
  • Owais Sarfaraz
  • Karina Ocampo
  • Sava Kassa
  • Jacob Martinez
  • Joe Soboleski
  • Evan Yap
  • Abel Arrera


"echobreakers" is an idea formulated by Owais Sarfaraz at Cal Poly's Startup Weekend 2017. echobreakers was to be an organization that created a community of safe spaces and discussion for young adults, namely college students, and had companion software to help facilitate that process. A team was formed to immediately begin brainstorming ideas and help create the vision within a 3-day period.


  1. To prototype a mobile application for the organization known as "echobreakers", which focuses on creating a community of safe spaces and discussion for young adults
  2. To give echobreakers a brand identity of inclusion and safety
  3. To develop customer valdiation, target market, and gather a business model canvas for echobreakers as a potential startup
  4. To present our ideas, thought process, and final deliverable to industry professionals and prospective partners


We came up with the name "echobreakers" to signify the fact that we wanted to 'break' the focused 'echos' of students who were unable to speak out. The color scheme and overall feel of the brand reflects a safe yet dynamic space.

Business Model Canvas

We went through the identification of lacking proper platforms to safely discuss current and political issues, especially in person. To follow up, we conducted surveys on over 80 current students at Cal Poly SLO to gaugae young adults' perception and willingness to participate in such programs.

Design: Prototyping

At the same time, we developed a brand and mobile application solution to match the needs that served as the backbone of the organization.

Final deliverables

Clickable and interactive functions will flash blue if you click/touch elsewhere.


Because this project was developed for a hackathon, there were time constraints on how much we could develop in the short amount of time. However, the mobile application solution to organize our echobreakers community was an adequate gateway to future endeavors.

Developing the business model canvas for echobreakers was a learning experience for the entire team, especially with how big and diverse the team was in terms of experience and background.