• Packaging design
  • Graphic design


  • ArtiosCAD
  • Adobe Illustrator (Esko 2017)
  • Packaging design
  • Marketing
  • Branding


  • Perry Ting
  • Amanda Truong
  • Samantha Lee
  • Caitlin Royston


Dynamite was the result of a packaging competition presented by PIASC (Printing Industries Association of Southern California), which my team decided to participate in. We were advised by Colleen Twomey, a consumer packaging professor at Cal Poly SLO.


  1. To create an innovative packaging solution for shoeboxes, to be eye-catching and displayed in stores
  2. To create a brand and overall image of an imaginary shoebox and corresponding shoe manufacturer

Dieline creation

Using ArtiosCAD, modification of prexisting dielines, and Illustrator plugins designed by Esko, we created multiple iterations of a box that could be opened without taking it off a shelf.

Final deliverables

We first developed the fake brand of Dynamite with bright, bold colors to stand out both individually and when presented alongside each other.


We ended up receiving 3rd place in the PIASC competition, in which over 200+ entries were submitted, and invited to participate in an awards banquet in LA. It was a pleasant surprise for my first time working on a packaging project, especially since this project was completed in a relatively short amount of time.